Want to teach felting in Castleknock Community College? (short notice so need to act quick)

Castleknock Community College is looking for a teacher for evening classes in feltmaking for one term (8 classes: Mondays 19:00-21:00 starting Monday 26th of September).

It would be possible for two people to share the work.

This is the course description:

Course Description:

Welcome to the wonderful world of wool. Using beautiful Merino wool and other fibres to produce woolly works of Art. You will learn ally of the terms and many techniques to create your own fabric and solid forms, from fluffy fibre, done using the wet felting technique (Students will be required to pay a €30 materials charge) Feltmaking is a slow craft, it takes time to build up skills but is very therapeutic. Each week we learn a new technique, building up from the preceding one. The course, aimed at beginners and improvers is a hands on course, involving using just wool fibre and soap and warm water (no glue) to create works of art, jewellery, purses, pouches, felt flower brooches, sculptures, bowls and felt pictures to frame, are just some of the items that you can create Wool is an amazing material, indigenous to us in Ireland, and enmeshed in our history and culture. Wool also has fantastic thermal qualities, is windproof and shower proof, (think of the Aran jumper) and is totally sustainable , biodegradable, renewable, and so much more.

If you are interested, contact Conor Barry at CCC Adult education or call daytime at 087 990 13 85.

Clodagh Mac Donagh ran this class last year, but cannot run it this year due to unforeseen circumstances. She is very happy to have a chat about how it went last year with the person who will be giving the class.


Felt Stained Glass Exhibition awarded a Culture Ireland award to travel for Vienna

By Niki Collier:

Visual Artist Niki Collier awarded @CultureIreland support to curate a show at Gallery Kabllo, Vienna, in Austria from 15th September to 6th October  in her newly developed technique Felt Stained Glass.
The technique which started as an attempt to keep spirits up during the first lockdown has captured the imagination of artists across the globe and has avalanched to a movement bringing artists together. 20 of the most interesting contemporary fibre artists will be on show to the discerning Viennese audience from 15th September to 6th October. The artist are from across the globe- UK, USA, Japan, Germany, France and Ireland.

The exhibition also features the ever-growing community panel of over 100 pieces developed through online and in person classes. The panel features artists of all ages- the youngest participant is 7 and the oldest is 80. Some are influential makers, some have made felt for the first time through this project.

Artist Catherine Stebinger, USA, Le Mont Saint Michel at Sunset SM
Artist Joanne Turner, Ireland Knowledge

Niki says that the award is not just a moment in her practice  but a milestone –  one of those true-life lessons. .She was often reminded through her practice to curb her enthusiasm- it is just a bit of craft and it would not have the reach of “Actual Art”. People warn her work would never be supported by the likes of #cultureireland . The support is proof that the work has merit beyond the medium in which it is made.

The exhibition celebrates a new technique in this medium. The felt stained glass technique is founded on the contrasting forces in nature: from chaos to structure and from destruction to mending. The world is broken and chaos shadows all aspects of our lives. As humanity we are not new to this, but as a generation, we needed re-assurance that it will pass and that all aspects of healing are meaningful. The technique is simple: create a fabric out of fibres, cut it into pieces and put it back together using embellishing to celebrate the places of mending. It is all done in the ancient textile making medium of felt.

Artist Susanne Webber , Austria, Roaming the Ocean

The technique saw evolution in the three years that it has been used. Many beginners discovered felt making through it. It also ignited the creative juices of artists from around the globe and some of the most interesting fiber artists have contributed to this exhibition. The exhibition is going to Vienna after reportedly the most successful show at Pearse Museum in a decade.

The work in this engagement was supported by DCCI, OPW, CI.

It has been covered in almost every international magazine on felt.

Read more:

Felt Stained Glass @ Gallery Kabllo, Vienna, Austria 2022 | Niki Collier Textiles & Art

Felt Stained Glass International Exhibition @ The Pearse Museum | Niki Collier Textiles & Art

Open Call: Evie & Us Exhibition 2021 | Niki Collier Textiles & Art

Join Niki Collier  at the launch Facebook Live 6pm GMT Thursday 15th September !

Artist Fiona McKenna, Ireland, Design Circle Self Portrait

Sculpture in Context 2022 – part 2

The weather is a bit miserable at the moment, but there should be lovely crisp days ahead as we head into early autumn.

The National Botanic Gardens are magnificent this time of year, and for the month of September you can combine visiting the gardens with a treasure hunt for exciting sculptures all over the place, indoors and outdoors.

About Sculpture in Context

Sculpture in Context was established in 1985 to raise the profile of sculpture in Ireland and provide a platform for artists outside the normal gallery context. It is a not-for-profit organisation run by sculptors. The exhibition has been staged in the National Botanic Gardens since 2002.

Sculpture in Context promotes artists and creates opportunities for practicing artists to exhibit their works in a wider public arena. The organisation has provided much needed opportunities for Irish and non-Irish sculptors in Ireland.


Exhibition: Sculpture in Context

Location: National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin

Dates: 1 September – 7 October 2022

Times: Mon-Fri 10:00-17:00, Sat-Sun 10:00-18:00.

Admission: Free. Group tours of the Gardens and the Exhibitions will be available for booking through Eventbrite

Website: Botanic Gardens

This year even more feltmakers are exhibiting so congrats to all and make sure to go visit!

As there are quite a number of feltmakers included there are two blog posts covering the exhibiting artists. This is the second blog post. Artists are listed in the order we have received information. If you have not been asked for details but are exhibiting in Sculpture in Context, please contact us as there are so many artists involved that we may have missed someone. This second blog covers the work of Carmen Garcia, Astrid Tomrop-Hofmann, Juliane Gorman and Claire Merry. Claire is a long time member of Feltmakers Ireland so we have included her piece here even if it isn’t made of felt.

What does Home feel like? by Carmen Garcia

This piece was made in response to the stories coming to us from the war in Ukraine. I wanted it to represent the pain, to be visceral, to be felt.

I used the dissonance between the homely, earthy slipper, that resonates with “cosy” and “safe” and the intense red of the exposed arteries and veins which resonates with life, but also with blood and violence.

However, what I am really interested in, is the feeling people experience while looking at it. Either having read the title or not.

What does Home feel like – Carmen Garcia

The Glow Worms Nest by Astrid Tomrop-Hofmann

The materials, shapes, structures and colours of my native surroundings provide inspiration for my creation. Working with different raw wool types ( unwashed and uncarded fleece loosened by hand ) fascinates me. 

This piece embodies warmth, softness, protection and comfort. The upright rods radiate decisiveness and togetherness, all the while surrounded by organic matter. 

I love to explore working with silk, recycled materials, paper, rich colours and texture combinations . I employ a variety of techniques to create my work and find joy and share it! 

Felting for me is diving into a world of unlimited opportunities. The dialogue with the material wool and the interaction of art and craft, and thereby the implementation of a millennium old technique, captivates me.

The Glow Worms Nest by Astrid Tomrop-Hofmann

Perpetual Felt by Juliane Gorman

Usually, I create whimsical wet-felted hats. However, for Sculpture in Context, I wanted to explore installations.

As I wandered through the gardens in winter, the ancient, naked stems of the Wisteria Chain Tent caught my eye. I found it unbelievable that this organic structure was so large that it almost was a building! Did it feel embarrassed not to have leaves? And what about its cascading blossoms? They would only exist for a few weeks.

My twirling purple pods are an attempt to adorn this quirky location.

There are spiralling, felted cords on each pod made from locally-raised Romney wool. My supplier for this material is Natural Wool Ireland. (  Although the bulk of the fibre used in the pods is Merino and sadly not Irish-raised. Nonetheless, this wool is also sustainable because all sheep are shorn annually. 

Perpetual Felt by Juliane Gorman

Fly Me To The Moon by Claire Merry

I refer to myself as an ‘Art Butterfly’, as I have had great fun and satisfaction in playing with different media. It gives me great pleasure to try out something new and working with proven techniques from previous works.

I have worked with textiles, clays and principally for the last fourteen years with handmade felt. This piece is based on a previous much smaller one, so resizing it was a nice challenge. I love steampunk style, so I have teamed up the hot air balloon with the penny-farthing bicycle, to deliver flowers to the moon on slow power

Fly Me To The Moon by Claire Merry

Sculpture in Context 2022 – part 1

It is that time of year again! Dublin’s Botanic Gardens are hosting a giant sculpture exhibition both indoors and outdoors. This is the 37th year of this exhibition and it is well worth a visit. The gardens are magnificent at this time of year, and you will find all manners of sculptures nestled in among the plants and trees. This is a great way to get children interested in art as it allows a natural interaction with the gardens while looking out for sculptures. It is a fabulous day out when the weather is nice.

Link to sculpture in Context website:

This year even more feltmakers are exhibiting so congrats to all and make sure to go visit!

As there are quite a number of feltmakers included there will be two blog posts covering the exhibiting artists. Artists will be listed in the order we have managed to contact them and get their information. If you have not been asked for details but are exhiting in Sculpture in Context, please contact us as there are so many artists involved that we may have missed someone. You will be included in the second part of this blog. This first blog covers the work of Fiona Leech, Tamzen Lundy, Annika Berglund, Ramona Farrelly and element15.

Toxic Tears by Fiona Leech

Bright red spots immediately conjure up recognition of poison and green, in contrast, is synonymous with nature. That is why I chose these colours for my felt hanging sculpture. The concept of this piece is to raise awareness that every rainfall is toxic. It’s called acid rain due to high levels of pollutants in the atmosphere. These toxins are invisible, so I made the piece very visible and tactile for maximum impact.

I am a Dublin based felt and textile artist. I work mainly with wool fibre which is sustainable, bio degradable, renewable and recyclable.

Toxic tears Fiona Leech

We are all connected by Tamzen Lundy

We are all connected is a response to the global refugee crisis, it is symbolic of our Irish diaspora and our tradition of immigration and emigration.
The movement of people because of war, economics, and hardship. The red thread that binds and connects these journeys. I have collected beach material from the wild Atlantic way, places of great natural beauty, which are also landing and exit points for long and dangerous journeys.
Choosing small glass bottles as if they encase a fragile message to loved ones.
One bottle remains empty, to be filled with future hopes.

“No one puts their children in a boat, unless the water is safer than the land” (by Warsan Shire, poet “Home.”) A poem that inspired this work.

The materials used in my piece are fully sustainable. I have used repurposed glass bottles to contain sand ( from Irish beaches… also the component for making glass). The felt tops are 100% wool, from sheep, a fully sustainable, and biodegradable material and the fibre attaching each bottle is linen, plant based, water consumption friendly material.

In my  arts practice I endeavour to use materials that are as sustainable as possible. I collect and reuse packaging and I choose wool as my primary medium.

We are all connected Tamzen Lundy

Everyday Moments by Annika Berglund

Covid changed the world. The everyday had to shrink to fit inside square walls. It consisted of the circles we walked inside these walls and the bubbles we embraced.

My work became focused on the immediate and the simple; the confining but protecting square, the circle of the nurturing bubble, the threatening image of the virus.

Felting became both practical during lockdown and symbolic;

wool fibres, through soap, water, rubbing and being knocked around, create connections that hold together to create a very strong fabric of interlocked fibres that cannot be pulled apart again. Cohesion through adversity if you will…”

Everyday Moments – Annika Berglund

Ariadne’s Gift by Ramona Farrelly

At present I am creating work that tries to incorporate the healing process of art.

The idea for this piece comes from a premise that the metaphysical wounds we suffer throughout life provide us with learning that helps us navigate and grow during our time on earth and allows life to become ever more meaningful.

The red vessels represent these wounds and they, put together, form the Chrysalis through which we intrinsically metamorphosise.  In Greek mythology, Ariadne’s golden thread which, represents the soul’s knowledge, helped Theseus navigate through the labyrinth and so it is represented here as such.

Ariadne’s Gift – Ramona Farrelly

Kinship by element15

element15 is a collective; individual artists cultivating their practice in tandem with each other, distinct but connected.  The sustaining nature of our creative bond is a mirror of a tree’s root system, providing anchorage and sustenance to flourish in a world beset with profound challenges.  In many cultures, a red string or thread represents the labyrinth of connections tying together those whose lives intertwine.  By working collaboratively on Kinship we use the symbol of the red thread as a visual connection from us to the natural world, from our sculpture into the earth.                                        

Kinship – element 15

The following are the names of the artists who collaborated on the piece:

Colleen Prendiville

Kathrina Hughes

Elaine Pedan

Marie Dunne

Fidelma Barton

Pauline Kiernan

Helen McLoughlin

Caroline Fitzgerald

Trish Duffy

Dee Kelly

Catherine Dowling

Barbara Seery

Kinship (detail) – element 15

Reminder: Sunday Session 04/09/22 10:30 Killester


ST. Brigid’s Church

Howth Road 



Peer learning: felting a hand

We will share knowledge and experiences combining needle and wet felting around armature

1 please Bring your own needle felted 3D work and tips from your experience

2 A look at different wires for armature, bring wire and pliers if you have them

3.  Bring needles and sponge to protect surface and needle tips.

4. Wool batts or Roving?

 5, Stiffening or waterproofing the result? Pva glue? Paverpol?

All questions welcome!

Hope to see you there!

Sad news: The Muddle is closing

We are very sorry to have to tell you the Muddle shop is closing.

There is a sale going on at the moment and will go on for a few weeks more.

Here is a message from Sharon:

Hi Everyone The shop is closing down over the next month or so. But The Muddle will continue. Any classes booked in for July and August will go ahead. Vouchers can be redeemed in the sale or at a later stage online at We will still be teaching all our arts and crafts but in different venues. Sharon Wells fibre and textile art will continue as normal. The sale continues today.

We wish Sharon all the best going forward.

Upcoming Opportunities from DCCI

August Craft Month 2022 – submit your events  
DCCI is delighted to be working with Craft NI and Cork Craft & Design to present August Craft Month – an all-island celebration of craft.
As many of you know, August Craft Month is a wonderful opportunity for makers to showcase craft by hosting:
·     exhibitions
·     workshops
·     demonstrations
·     any craft event that engages the public.
These events enable audiences to come together to celebrate and enjoy a range of craft experiences.
We are currently inviting makers and organisations to register events HERE. If you register your event by Monday 4th July, it could be promoted through our national PR campaign, and feature in the social media campaign – a reach of over 45k people!
Get involved in this exciting initiative to help promote craft on the Island of Ireland! If you have any questions, please get in touch with Mary Whelan at
August Craft Month is a unique celebration of craft with events taking place across the island of Ireland. We welcome the submission of events that provide the chance for audiences to come together to celebrate Ireland’s craft sector whether in-person, online, or both. ⁠Submit events by Monday 4th July.⁠

Benchspace Designer in Residence 2022  
Benchspace invites applications from established creative professionals for the 2022 Designer in Residence. Applications are also welcomed from academic staff of creative programs in any discipline seeking a period of return to a professional workshop environment. The closing date for applications is 14th July 2022.


 Future Makers 2022   Future Makers is a DCCI initiative which recognises talent, potential and creativity. Its aim is to support the next generation of makers, designers and craftspeople to take the step from training into enterprise. Future Makers is one of Europe’s largest prize-funded awards programmes, with a total prize-fund of €25,000 and 26 awards and supports available. The closing date for applications is Friday 29th July.

  View all opportunities here  

From DCCI: August Craft Month 2022

Take part in August Craft Month 2022

We are delighted to announce the call out to August Craft Month 2022 – across the island of Ireland!

Deadline for applications: Monday 4th July

What is August Craft Month?
August Craft Month is a unique celebration of craft with events taking place across the island of Ireland, providing exciting opportunities for the public to experience, participate in, buy and learn about craft.
It is supported and promoted by Design & Crafts Council Ireland, Craft NI and Cork Craft & Design.

Why should I be part of it?
• It will be fun! Celebrate, collaborate, motivate.
• Make it national – long established, Craft NI and Cork Craft & Design’s local August Craft Months have proven hugely popular – making it national will increase the momentum and celebration of craft across the month of August.
• National PR campaign from start of July that will promote August Craft Month through highlighting events and makers – get your event in early!
• Social media campaign across August Craft Month and partner channels – visibility to over 45k followers
• Digital advertising campaign
• Influencer campaign
• website listing of your event – image and copy
• It’s easy! – your everyday craft activity may be eligible for listing
Simply register your event on the August Craft Month website by filling out the application form. Events are invited from individual makers, guilds, associations, networks, galleries and venues which will enable audiences to come together to celebrate and enjoy craft experiences whether in-person, online, or both. Send your application by Monday 4th July. You can still register your events for inclusion on the website after this date, however registering early will ensure more time to promote your event.

Join us to add to the range of events bringing craft on the island of Ireland to a wider audience this August!

Register your event today!

For more information and to register visit:

If you have any queries about August Craft Month or about registering an event, please do not hesitate to get in contact at:

Follow us on Instagram @augustcraftmonth22 and Facebook @AugustCraftMonth

*You may receive emails about August Craft Month from more than one source (DCCI/Craft NI/Cork Craft & Design). Please note that you only need to register your event once – all events will be listed on As the application deadline is coming shortly, we are keen to get the word out to as wide an audience as possible.

** Please note as August Craft Month is an all-island celebration, if you are a maker or organisation based in Northern Ireland please visit to register your event.

Reminder Sunday Session 12th JUNE

Hi everyone,

After a wonderful AGM last month we are back for one more Sunday Session before the summer break. 



ST. Brigid’s Church

Howth Road 



This month we thought we would show and discuss the results of the Nancy Ballesteros stripes workshop which took place over zoom last weekend. 

It was really successful, so it might be interesting to show some of the results and to pass on a few of the techniques. Most of our pieces are far from perfect and we still have lots of observations and questions so should make a very informative session. 

Hope to see some of you there. 

All the best,

Fiona and the committee. 

Invitation to Graduate Exhibition CCAD Art Textiles

Common Threads is the graduate exhibition of the 2022 CCAD Art Textile students.  A culmination of their work across a two year span will be on show at the MTU CCAD Gallery, 46 Grand Parade, Cork from Monday May 30th to Friday 3rd of June 2022.  The work encompasses many varied and interesting themes, techniques and materials, from wall hung pieces to sculptural ones.  There is something of interest here for all.

The organisation and curation of this exhibition was carried out by the students and the show will be opened by Trish Brennan, Head of Department at Fine Art & Applied Art, MTU at 5.00 pm on Monday 30th May.  We look forward to welcoming you.