Exploring Irish Wool for Feltmaking

New and exciting information about the wonders of Irish wool is explored in the upcoming book, ‘Exploring Irish Wool for Feltmaking’. With a foreword by Pippa Hacket, Sheep Farmer and Irish Minister for Land Use and Biodiversity, this book sheds light on the underutilised resource of Irish wool.

The front book cover of Exploring Irish Wool for Feltmaking.

This book is a must-read for anyone interested in wool types beyond the commonly imported Merino wool. It is packed with invaluable information about sourcing Irish wool, the characteristics of different breeds, and how to prepare and dye wool at home with easily obtainable ingredients.

Featuring wool from 40 different breeds of sheep raised in Ireland, ‘Exploring Irish Wool for Feltmaking’ gives a detailed analysis of how each breed can be best utilised for Feltmaking, including both wet-felting and needle felting techniques. Readers will also gain insight into the differences between Merino and local wool breeds and learn valuable tips and tricks for laying out, felting, and fulling with local wool.

What sets this book apart is its personal touch. The book introduces readers to the individuals who reared the sheep and washed and carded the wool featured in the book. This provides a deeper appreciation of the time and care involved in the creation of local Irish wool and its use in Feltmaking.

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The price is 20 euro per book, plus shipping.


  • Postage in Ireland and Northern Ireland, 1 book with envelope – 4.50 euro
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