Feltmakers Ireland interacts with the Craft Council of Ireland as a member of GANS (Guilds, Associations, Networks and Societies). We would also strongly recommend that our members apply to become individual members of DCCI.


Feltmakers Ireland sends a representative to the GANS meetings and DCCI’s AGM each year and this representative communicates upcoming events and possibilities to our members.

In 2021 and 2022 Feltmakers Ireland was invited to demonstrate feltmaking at Showcase and Bloom as members of GANS. Hopefully this will be the start of a yearly tradition.

A yearly upcoming scheme from GANS is the NETWORK SUPPORT SCHEME:

The Network Support Scheme provides funding for Guilds, Associations, Networks and Societies (GANS). The aim of the scheme is to provide funding for activities that will develop and professionalise our member organisations. Applications will need to made in March for the upcoming year. Feltmakers Ireland has received funding in recent years for exhibitions and the Wool Project.

Applications can be made for a range of activities, including:

Training and masterclasses

Website development

Strategic planning

Attendance at seminars or conferences

Hosting of, or participation in, group exhibitions and professionally-run craft events

Please note funding cannot be used for capital expenditure (for example, premises upgrade or fixed assets such as equipment), rent of premises, funding of solo exhibitions. 



DCCI has a range of webinars and talks that may be of interest to Feltmakers.

Webinars: Upcoming webinars | Industry Support | Design & Crafts Council Ireland (dcci.ie)

Masterclass talks: MasterCraft talks | Industry Support | Design & Crafts Council Ireland (dcci.ie)

Become a member of DCCI

Registering with the Design & Crafts Council Ireland (DCCI) allows you to apply for the supports and programmes that will help you to grow and develop your enterprise and enhance your professional development. You can register with DCCI here.

If you are approved for Active Registration this enables you to have a page on their Public Directory of Designers & Makers.