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Statement from DCCI :  “Our main priority over the coming period is to support our designers & makers during this unprecedented time. We will ensure to keep you informed of the supports available to safeguard this vibrant & vital sector. Contact us with any queries”.
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Please feel free to contact us with specific concerns pertaining to your business and we will be happy to pass them on to dedicated staff members in Kilkenny.

Dear Members,

I hope that you, your families and loved ones are keeping safe and well in these challenging and unprecedented times.

As a follow up to the communication sent by Rosemary Steen, CEO on March 24th (copy of the communication is attached), I am emailing to ensure that you are aware of the various supports currently available from DCCI.

At present these include: 

  • A series of webinars to provide support and assist our members and clients to navigate their way through various challenges. DCCI is delivering these webinars Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 3pm. As places are limited, you are encouraged to register in advance.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) webpage offering practical suggestions and outlining some of the relevant supports available from Government in response to COVID-19, with links to where you can find further information online.

  • Details on financial supports currently available from Government can be accessed here.

  • A rolling deadline for DCCI’s Network Supports to April 30th. We will review this on an ongoing basis.

  • Extended closing dates for applications for a number of our current opportunities in order to allow additional time for you to apply. Revised dates are being added to our websites and shared on our social media platforms. Please remember to check the Opportunities section of our website regularly.

We ask that you continue to distribute this information to your wider membership so that we can reach as many makers and craftspeople during this time.

We would also welcome your suggestions and inputs on topics that may be useful to cover as part of our webinar series and any suggestions in relation to practical ways we can provide further support to you. The DCCI team remains fully available – contact details for everyone can be found on our website here.

Please stay safe and well over these coming days.

With best wishes, Louise Allen

Head of Innovation &  Development

Design & Crafts Council Ireland

Here is a synopsis of what happened at GANS meeting MARCH 4th 2020- by Breda Fay

Having negotiated the area around Dublin Castle on crutches and catching a brief glance of Kate and Will (Cambridge!) in Temple Bar, I was just in time for the intro of the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer, Rosemary Steen. She emphasized the role of the membership, the need for liaison between executives and members and how she hopes to improve membership services.


Susan Brindley then gave an address on the rebranding of DCCI (no longer DCCoI) and all GANS members will soon receive a LOGO PACK. A more unified web and social media presence is proposed which will support individual GANS social media platforms allowing wider promotion of events.



Louise Allen gave a brief description of “What has been happening”.

  • Showcase has had great results with an increase of 4.6% in sales reported by exhibitors.
  • The Design Ireland Store has recently opened in Dublin Airport and reports brisk sales of Irish Crafts.
  • Michelangelo Foundation for creativity and craft is concerned about endangered crafts (fiddle making, Harp making, Saddle making, Lace making, Lusterware and Enameling are some of the red listed areas).
  • Seven artists have been selected for the Homo Faber in Venice in September.
  • Crafting Europe has released a draft manifesto and is asking all crafts people to read and sign – very important that we keep craft on the agenda of governments around the world.
  • Entries for BLOOM by the 12 March
  • Applications for Future Makers finding by 30th March
  • Applications for Network Support by 3rd April
  • Applications for Mentoring – on a case by case basis
  • Applications for Group Professional Development at any time – 8 participants required
  • International Fair Fund for members who are interested in exporting by 18th March
  • CIFD/GANS Collaboration Project launch 2nd April (TBC)
  • European Artistic Crafts Days 2020 April 3rd – 13th. Contact DCCI if you have an event planned.
  • Benchmark in Cork – a cooperative that provides facilities and equipment to woodworkers as well as access to technology and classes, hoping to expand to textiles/ sewing soon.
  • The Wheel is a good resource for identifying funding that might be available to guilds/ individuals.
  • Generation Exhibition DDCG March 12th @ 6.30pm
  • DCCI AGM and Conference 2020 Wed June 10th Farmleigh House. As the Board is always trying to broaden its skill set, new nominations are always welcome.


Eddie Shanahan and Mary Palmer outlined plans for 50th Anniversary of DCCI in 2021. Guilds are being invited to participate in this year long festival of craft. All events will be supported and publicized both by DCCI and State Agencies. Contact Mairead McCorley at DCCI as she is coordinating.

August has always been known as CRAFT MONTH in Cork and in Northern Ireland. DCCI are hoping that all GANS will buy into the idea of celebrating craft in August. If every Guild did just one or two activities it would certainly raise the image of Craft. Your Heritage week activity could be one.  One member quoted a difficulty finding space as the reason for non-involvement. However we were advised to think outside the box – a pub or restaurant might enjoy displaying/exhibiting work? A leisure centre, Library or Parish Hall might be delighted to have a small workshop there? EXPLORE ALL POSSIBILITIES and coordinate with GANS or DCCI.


Trish Killalea talked about the history and activities of Irish Basket makers Association. (Trish is also a member of FI and a very able felter.) IBA are running a big festival in St Columb’s Park, Derry on 8th 9th and 10th May with talks and videos, sculpture in the park, an exhibition of their heritage collection, a contemporary exhibition, and 4 master classes which are already oversubscribed.


Our afternoon was spent with Dr Nicholas Marcoux who gave a presentation on Governance. To all you members of FI you will be glad to hear that we are compliant with nearly all his advice.



Notice of future meetings of GANS will be published on FELTMAKERS IRELAND site. As your rep I will attend the meetings and furnish a short account for the site. I will also post notice of upcoming meeting. I would advise that all members keep an eye on DCCoI site as well as Feltmakers Ireland so that they are aware of current happenings. Signing up to the Craft Council ezine would also be worthwhile.

  • GANS Representative: Breda Fay