Endangered exhbition

An update:

Endangered exhibition applications- the date for preliminary round judging has been extended to try to accommodate the unforeseen circumstances we find ourselves in.

The Closing date- for digital submissions is now 30th June. See application form attached.

We have engaged two independent Judges- one from International Felters Association and one Non-member, established Irish felt maker.

The first round of judging will be done using digital submissions- see the application for details of format required. This will be done remotely, using an anonymous numbering system. The Judges will not know who has submitted any piece and their decision is final. The committee is not involved in this judging process. The entries will be ranked in numerical order, the top 20pieces will go on to the next round.

Currently we have been allocated a gallery space by Knit & Stitch- 6mx 5m x5m (wall space, with floor space available for some 3D pieces). We are in touch with the organisers- twisted thread. They have promised to keep us informed. Currently the K&S is going ahead in November. I am sure you can appreciate that we are nervous about this but remain hopeful also.

We have a plan B in place, should the knit & stitch show be cancelled. We have already been in contact with our OPW contact in the Phoenix Park. He has assured us that he will not see us stuck. We are hopeful therefore that we will be able to exhibit at one of the Phoenix Park venues- for example the visitor centre, the Cowshed or Farmleigh ( should the Knit & Stitch RDS be cancelled).

In these new and uncertain times, we are finding new ways of working. We have had to learn to be more flexible. Our two judges for example will be working remotely for the first round. We do however want to promote our craft of felt making. We want to offer our members something to aim for. We want to inspire and encourage fellow artists and we want to remain creative.

I read somewhere recently that while science will find us a cure, art will keep us sane… this resonated with me and I hope that you members understand that while some flexibility may be required on all our parts we will endeavour to remain optimistic and push forward with the “Endangered” exhibition… a title that seems even more important today than ever.

Entry open to members of Feltmakers Ireland 2020 only.