Interview with Marjolein Darllinga

Mature tongue ,2017, Marjolein Darllinga

Later this year May 29th-31st Felt makers Ireland will host the master felt maker Marjolein Darllinga from Bloomfelt. This should be a wonderful 3-day Felt making workshop that 12 lucky participants will enjoy. Ahead of this trip we reached out to Marjolein to ask about her work, her feltmaking journey and what inspires her textile practice.Grey matter 2019, Marjolein Darllinga

Tell us a little about you as a person? e.g. upbringing/ where you work/ work other than felt etc

I am born in the Netherlands, moved in my thirties to Canada where I married, and we have three boys.

I studied History of art, psychiatric nursing and fine arts in the Netherlands.

I live with my family north of Montreal in a very small village in the middle of the Laurentiens woods,

We live on a former farm from Irish settlers where we built a beautiful art studio.

I spend all my days on my art

How and when did you start Felting… what is your experience, tell us a little about your journey with felt?

I started felting when my first child was born ,24 years ago.

I wanted the make natural toys and felting seems to be a perfect medium for that.

I made for years toys from wool with the wet felting technique, then it changed to wearables, costumes and slowly to art pieces.

My meeting with the Cirque du soleil was a mayor event for me, I learned and received so much from it.

Tell us about your process from conception to creation and what is your motivation? e.g. needle/ wet/nuno… for hobby/ creativity/ art/ fashion/ health

For me felting is really a profession. I practice this art every day.

I never use the felting needles; I only use the wet felting techniques. I make some fashion items and accessories, mostly as a commission. Then costume design for wearable art shows, theatre or cirque. As art objects I make sculptures in all kind of sizes mostly for exhibits around the world.

Last years I have concentrated on very large felted sculptures. I received several grants to do different projects.

Lately I am busy with film and stop motion with my felted pieces

I am also experimenting lately to combine felt with other mediums.

Teaching is very important to me; I like to share and meet other artists.

I feel very grateful that the wool came on my path, it has brought me all over the world and gave me so many beautiful meetings.

Pink matter 2019, Marjolein Darllinga

 What currently inspires you?

I finished an exhibit last autumn where I have worked one and a half year for.

Since I am back home I started to look at all my former work and realized that many pieces are not finished and need more work .I am currently working on many pieces at the same time lately with others mediums. I like to go back to painting and do more short movies with my felted pieces.

You can find out more about the work of Marjolein at the below links. We thank her very much for taking part in this interview and supplying the wonderful images of her work. Feltmakers Ireland is really looking forward to the May workshop. This workshop will be held on 29th-31st May, Venue TBC ( Dublin). The application form are not yet ready- we will inform you when application opens.


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