Interview with Anna Gunnarsdottir

Anna Gunnarsdottir is a textile artist from Iceland with many many years’ experience in felt making. Felt makers Ireland will be hosting a 3 day workshop in Early October 2019. The focus will be on large sculptural felt. The application form for this workshop is below. We anticipate that this will be a very popular workshop. Members will be given preference and in the event of over subscription a draw will be made. 12 places are available.

Ahead of travelling to Ireland we asked Anna a few questions about herself and her work.

Tell us a little about you as a person? e.g. upbringing/ where you work etc.

My name is Anna Gunnarsdottir. I am a Textile Artist residing in Akureyri, Iceland. I studied Textile Design in my home town, Akureyri. I then went on to study leather work and sculptural felt making in Denmark for one year. I have worked with my art for more than 35 years. Now I run my own workshops and a gallery in Akureyri.

My work has been exhibited in various countries such as Australia, USA,

Germany, UK, Sweden and France.  I’m lucky to have won International awards in Los Angeles USA and South Korea.

I now teach felt making and am lucky to be able to travel to many countries like USA, UK, Australia and Germany.

Tell us about your process from conception to creation and what is your motivation? 

I focus on traditional felt making technique; however I try to combine it with a contemporary and fresh approach. My signature style of felting has a strong sense of Scandinavian and minimal art.

My work is inspired by Icelandic nature which is absolutely unique. Based on the idea of light and shadow I create large sculptures and 3D wall pieces for both indoor and outdoor use.

All my work is hand-felted from Icelandic wool with soap and water. I use only my hands and no machine. When the work is ready and I am satisfied with my work, I use a method to stiffen in order to hold the proper shape.

Some times I use other materials together with my felt, such as fish line,  wire, willow  and/or stones for extra decoration.

What currently inspires you?

All my work is inspired by the Icelandic nature which is unique and splendid. The shell form is very imp[orant to me and close to my heart. I use it in various sizes, all the way from a small brooch to a lamp to a big sea-shell.

I have been making this shell-form for more than 20 years.

I will be teaching a large sculptural workshop in Ireland in early October 2019. I‘m really looking forward to it.

To find out more about me and my work you can visit my webpage.

Application forms for this international tutor workshop will be available later in the summer, ahead of her Oct 4th-6th workshop. Watch this space!