Sunday Session

We are delighted that Kaeth Burt-O’Dea will be going us in the studio next Sunday. Kaethe set up a felt business in the west of Ireland in the 1980’s when very few people here had ever heard of felt. She ran a very successful business for many years, running workshops and selling her work. When Kaethe moved to Dublin she gave up her business and moved into other area. Recently we met Kaethe and was hugely impressed by her knowledge of wool and feltmaking. She has given Feltmakers Ireland much of her feltmaking equipment and wool – wash boards, hat blocks (with amazing wooden brim moulds) and some of the beautiful wool from Kaethe’s own sheep. We are so grateful for all this material and will put it to very good use. Kaethe is going to give a talk about her feltmaking experience in Ireland at our next Sunday Session on April 15th from 10.30-1.00. I hope you can join us.

Be careful – there are some road diversions in the Phoenix Park next Sunday because of a road race.


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