Wishing bowl workshop

Last weekend we had the pleasure to restart the Feltmakers Ireland workshops with one of our most inspiring artists Astrid Tomrop-Hofmann from https://bombyxmoriwearableart.com

We made wishing bowls using a unique technique of laying and felting fibres.

It seemed like a historical moment- getting back together after long two years and pandemic challenges meant that everyone took a leap of fate.

Astrid burst into action full of colour and energy and was very attentive to everyone’s needs and ideas. 

We started by making a very textured prefelt – it was a platter of found and saved textiles and fibres. This was going to be used to decorate our bowls, but there was plenty left from it for the future.

Then using the precision of a true perfectionist Astrid divided the wool into 20g and 10 g and laid it out to look like a colourful meringue with fibres laid as beams coming from the centre of the bowl. Then we put a thin layer of 10g going sideways. After we have done that we put the embellishments in whatever shape we wanted them to be and started felting and fulling. 

Astrid, as the participants noticed, was very much hands on tutor and loved nothing more but to help out, demonstrate and show us how she does it.

In the intermission most of us let loose at the artisan food market and enjoyed the yummy food in the beautiful relaxed grounds of the Marlay Park.

The wonderful surprise came from Helene Dooley who knew that Astrid has birthday in a few days so she made her a delicious birthday cake. Astrid was in tears (and so was I). 

It was lovely to see two new members joining us as a result of workshops.

The best part is always the smiles of the participants. This time I made sure that I heard from each participants in a quick chat after the workshop- great day, well organized, inspiring teacher were some of the comments. Astrid was delighted with the group and was very enthusiastic about their talent and dedication. Probably, most memorable to me would be the comment that we need more people like Astrid in our life. You see- I couldn’t agree more. 

I joined Feltmakers Ireland 10 years ago as I found that our community nurtures talent  and fosters wonderful connections. This year I found myself in a position to be able to serve this community.  It is a great privilege and a testament to you all that I was able to give back to you

You know, sometimes your aspirations become reality. Just roll up your sleeves.

What was my wishing bowl about? 

My wishing bowl was for good times with great people.

So in a way my wish has come true.