A Year’s Turning | Contemporary textile and multi-media exhibition, Blessington, Wicklow

by Breda Fay

Element15 is a collective of 15 textile and mixed media artists. They have used the past year despite all the restrictions of Covid to allow nature to inspire them. They were fortunate to be welcomed into the wonderful gardens of Jimi Blake at Hunting Brook and June Blake’s Garden, to respond to the gardens over the seasons.

The culmination of their work is being shown in an open-air exhibition across the two public gardens. The artworks are integrated into the lush landscaping in the form of an art trail.

Opening Times:
Hunting Brook: Weds – Saturday 11 am – 4 pm, entrance fee €8
June Blake’s Garden: Weds – Sunday 11 am – 5 pm, entrance fee €6

On Wednesday last I decided to go and view the art nature combination. It was amazing: the planting display showed off the art to wonderful advantage. A weather proofed catalogue was available on both sites with a map to guide you along the paths, as well as through meadow and woodland, to view each of the art works. Naturally it also included a short artist statement and a description of the work.
A great visit for the combo plant/art enthusiast.