Sunday Session Nov 10th

nov 19 session


Sunday session on Nov 10th will be held as usual at Knockmarron Gate Studio 10:30am, all welcome to attend. Clodagh will give a talk on Japanese textiles and show some of her own dye work. She is asking members to bring along any examples of their own Japanese textiles. Perhaps you have travelled there for the Rugby or plan to go next year for the Olympics? Japan is on trend in fashion too for 2020.

Please bring any examples you have of Kimonos, Shibori ( your own felt examples or otherwise) to contribute to the discussion and make the session lively.



Thanks to all volunteers in advance of the show- without your help Feltmakers Ireland would not be able to have an exhibition stand. The Sunday session is running as usual despite it being the last day of the Knit and Stitch show… maybe we can share information about our visits and experience.

FIBRE will also be available- though there may be limited stock this weekend due to the Knit and Stitch show exhibit.