Launch of Heritage Week 2019

HERITAGE DAYAs your GANS representative Breda Fay attended the launch of Heritage Week 2019. ( The launch was held at 14 Henrietta Street on Thursday 18th July.

A tour of the house for those who arrived early preceded the launch and I would certainly recommend this insight into life in these grand Georgian houses of the 18th Century to the squalor of the tenements they became in the 20th century. Full marks go to the guide who brought the house to life for us by way of a tour!

Wine and canapés were served while Virginia Teehan, CEO of Heritage Council congratulated the heritage officers on their 20th Anniversary. After many years of official indifference, she was glad that Heritage 2030 would recognize the value of both natural and built heritage and the wealth of culture preserved by guilds and organizations throughout the country.

heritage week launch

She praised the information and suggestions in the 2000 submissions that were received.

We at Feltmakers Ireland have made a submission highlighting the value of craft as a vital part of our national heritage.

Heritage Week is the flagship of Heritage Ireland and last year 95% of participants commented that they had “something new”.

Roger Warburton of the Ballymun Regeneration Project spoke about how they “rescued” a Boiler House of the now demolished Ballymun towers. It is now a focus for the preservation of heritage of the area as well the development of recycling through education.

Finally Minister Josepha Madigan talked about the theme of this year’s Heritage Week PAST TIMES PASTIMES. She particularly focused on playgrounds of the past – where fields and streets, ruins and streams provided a canvas for imagination. She paid tribute to the many voluntary 2019 organizers who would again give children from 9 months to 90 years the freedom to play and be involved in preservation and conservation in our built and natural environments.

This year Heritage week begins on August 17th.

Feltmakers Ireland will hold an event on the Sunday 18th 11am-3pm at Knockmarroon gate studio. We hope to see many of our valued members there. We also hope we will meet new people and help them to enjoy perhaps their first steps in felt making. We will continue our bunting project- to help decorate the studio and in preparation for the knit and stitch show.  We will also be having an extended tea party.

All members are invited to come along on the day- make felt, be experimental, playful (make your own pieces- whatever you like, and if stuck for ideas, help make playful, fun bunting).

heritage day 2