3 Irish Artists: Something Red

For you today we feature the works of 3 Irish Artists whose pieces are featuring in the “Something Red” exhibition in Finland this summer

Today we look at the works of Claire Merry, Maria Mc Givern & Elizabeth Bonnar.

Claire Merry

Artist – Claire Merry


 I wished to portray the competing human emotions of the cool head masking the hot passion and turmoil in the heart…….. fire and ice.

Sale price €850.00

Materials – merino wool on silk chiffon, backed with synthetic felt for hanging.

Maria Mc Givern

 Artist – Maria McGivern

Woven Fibres of Ireland

Inspired by the changing colours of Ireland and our forty shades of green with a little touch of red. The red wool used is cut from Donegal tweed.

Her green fields a myriad of shades of green- Ireland.

The woven threads of Donegal tweed represent the wild hedgerows that are bursting with dark red wild fuchsia flowers when in bloom.

The floating mounting representative of our status as an island nation with the uneven tassels reaching out to unite us with our fellow Irish spread across the countries of the world.

Sale price – €125.00

Materials – merino wool overlaid with pale green silk strips. The red is wool strip cut-offs from Donegal tweed.

something red- berry
Elizabeth Bonnar

Artist – Elizabeth Bonnar


My inspiration for this piece came from the silk yarn threaded with tiny glass beads. The materials filled my mind with the wonder of colour – the colour red in all its different tints and shades. The  beads in the grid pattern peep out like berries in tiny gardens with walls of silk and wool.

Sale price  €175.00

Materials – red silk georgette felted with a grid of wool and silk, trapping silk yarn with glass beads.

This exhibition has been part funded by DCCoI, with thanks to them for their continued support in heritage arts and crafts.