3 Irish Artists: Something Red

If you are regular follower of our blog and Feltmakers Ireland you will know that we have spent the past year preparing together with Filtti- Finnish feltmakers association, for a joint exhibition running this summer 01.07-04.08.2019 called “Something Red”.

Many of our valued members submitted excellent pieces of work. All of a very high standard making the job of the two independent adjudicators very hard indeed. The entrants were evaluated both in digital photo submissions and then as actual pieces and a final selection was made. The Judges remarked that Feltmakers Ireland can be very proud of the standards of its members and congratulated everyone on their efforts in taking part and helping to promote the art and craft of feltmaking.

Over the next few weeks we will feature the work of the successful submissions, In blocks of  3.

I hope you enjoy this detailed look at the Irish works.

Today we look at the works of Anne Walsh, Vicky Blomfield and Marie Dunne.

This exhibition has been part funded by DCCoI, with thanks to them for their continued support in heritage arts and crafts.


Artist – Anne Walsh

Red Sky at Night

Red Sky at Night is a study in optimism and our search for signs and assurances that all will be well in our world. The world depicted is one of tranquility but expectant of adventure and exploration. It is the way I like to approach everything  in my life. 

Sale Price €325.00

Materials – Nuno felted with hand painted silk, embroidery and needle felting.

I Won’t be Cold

 I Won’t be Cold is a study in colour and the feelings I associate with each colour. It seeks to embrace as much colour – and feelings – as possible that I may wrap all of those around myself and wear them with an ease that reflects my inner self. But critically each has to work together in just the right way to ensure harmony and integrity. 

 Not for sale

 Materials – Nuno felted with hand dyed silk and silk handkerchiefs, finished with knitted sleeves.

Artist – Vicky Blomfield 

The Red Rocks

On the Hill of Howth, north of Dublin, there are red rocks down by the sea.

Sale price €75.00

Materials – merino wool and tussah silk

 The Red Button

This is about resisting temptation, with a nod to Father Dougal

Sale price €75.00

Materials – natural piku and merino wool, tussah silk, Wensleydale locks, cotton muslin, free motion machine embroidery.

Notes – can you please have a note that says “please DO touch” .

Artist – Marie Dunne


Having felted for over 10 years I decided to step out of my comfort zone and design and felt a blouse. I was not quite sure how it would turn out, or whether it would be successful or not. I called it Masquerade. 

Sale price. €185.00

Materials – felted with merino wool and silk fibre. Silk chiffon sleeves and trim, with felted cuffs.


Fire. A contemporary Wrap or an Evening stole, based on the Galway shawl. Inspiration was a photograph of a young girl wearing a fiery red shawl wrap taken in 1913 in an area of Galway called the Claddagh. This is an area where women wore the Galway shawl. Materials: Merino wool, silk fabric, silk fibres. Technique:: Nuno Felted, Resist frill, hand dyed and Raised Applique. My Great Grandmother wore the Galway shawl. The shawls were hand woven and edged with a fringe. It was a very precious piece of clothing and was often handed down from  mother to daughter. I chose the heart shape to represent this. The double frill represents the fringe. 

Not for sale