Purple Haze – theme for our stand at the Knitting & Stitching Show

Hat by Gabi McGrath


Natzaret Sindreu


The Dublin Knitting and Stitching show is nearly upon us, and we will, as ever, have a stand to promote our wonderful craft. We find people are very excited and inspired by the display of your work that we have each year, and we always try to be visually striking. So this year we want to really stand out from the crowd, and are asking for PURPLE pieces. In years gone by we have chosen a colour for a theme and it allows us to display the huge versatility of fine felt, while keeping a unified look. This is a great chance to show your work in a less formal way than a full exhibition. So go on, make us something purple. Purple jewellery, a purple hat, a purple bag, a perfect purple pansy picture! You can bring your piece to a Sunday Session or send it to either Maureen or Holly. We will be mounting the display on the Wednesday, November 11th, so will need your work before then. Go on, give it a go! But please understand that the space is limited, so keep that in mind.

Purple scarf
Scarf by Mette Roche



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