Upcoming events

We have lots of exciting events planned over the next few weeks and months.

Next Sunday 28th we are hold a Recession Session on Indigo Dyeing. Recession Sessions are low cost workshops that we hold in our studio in the Phoenix Park are are run at the lowest cost possible, in this case €40 for the day including dyes. There are only six places at at the moment the workshop is full but if you are interested in this or other topics please let us know and we can perhaps arrange it.

Our planned workshop with Angela O’Kelly was postponed before Christmas during the very worst of the snow. There was so much interest that we decided to run two workshops – the first is being held on the 2/3rd April and the second n 16/17th April. The venue is Collins Barracks where we have always been made very welcome by the Museum staff.

Our next Sunday Session on April 10th will be an intriguing look at Chinese textiles. Member Niki Collier recently spent a couple of months in Shanghai and she will be sharing some of the ideas she picked up there. These sessions take place in the Visitors Centre of the Phoenix Park, they are free and open to all.

The Spring issue of our Magazine will be finding it way through the letter boxes of all our members this week. It is packed with news about feltmaking events in Ireland and beyond.



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