Hyperbolic Coral Reef

Crochet Coral Reef made by Sue Bamford

Cochet Coral by Sue Bamford. Photograph – Chris Knowles

The Science Gallery in Dublin is holding an exhibition of crochet which is all made to a specific mathamatical principal – the hyperbolic plane.  It is a fascinating idea and exhibitions have held in locations in the US, Australia and London. There has been a lot of interest and excitement from Irish crochet, knitting  and felttmaking groups.

The patterns are easy to follow and the Wolly Way has a link to download patterns.

There is great potential to include felt into the project particularly to give structure to some of the pieces.

Have a look at the link below – a very inspirational presentation from one of the creators of the project Margaret Wertheim, who will be curating the exhibition in Dublin.

The next workshop is being held in the Science Gallery on Sunday 24th January from 1.00 – 3.30. Many thanks to Irene Lundgaard for all her help.

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  1. I saw the crochet piece in London and was so inspired to just get in there and add some felt pieces… this would make an amazing art project!


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