Opportunity: Westival Festival – deadline soon

The Westport Music and Arts Festival (Westival) is seeking submissions.

This year’s theme is ‘The Art Of Living’, which seeks to celebrate the wonder that lives in the cracks of our daily lives. It also looks to engage with that ubiquitous phrase ‘ the cost of living’, which is impacting so many of us today. How does this increased pressure affect our creative lives, and can we still find the space to be inspired?

While we welcome submissions across all genres, priority will be given to workshops and community-driven projects.

We are particularly encouraging applications from those currently underrepresented in the arts, including but not limited to artists of colour, artists who identify as LGBTQI+, artists with disabilities, migrants, and members of the Traveller community.

The deadline to apply is May 31st @5pm, and artists can apply here –


If you have any questions about your application, please email sarahbyrne@westival.ie

For more information, visit their website – https://westival.ie/