GANS Opportunity to collaborate with a fashion designer – deadline extended to 12/03/2022

This exciting opportunity is still available for the next week. Carmen Garcia has kindly offered to share her experience in just such a collaboration to give us an idea on how it may work. Her report can be found below.

This scheme will run from the end of March to August.

It has come to our notice that the form to apply for this collaboration has to be filled out by our GANS representative, so if you want to apply, please send an email to Annika Berglund, one of our two reps, and she will facilitate the application. Her email is

This is Carmen’s report and a photo of the beautiful result of their cooperation:

In 2019 I took part in a cooperation project between The Council of Irish Fashion Designers and The Design and Crafts Council of Ireland. 

The idea of these cooperation projects is to randomly pair a designer and a craft maker to produce a design working together. I was paired with the talented designer Charlotte Lucas.

We designed a wedding dress with hat inspired by Balenciaga. We mixed the fluidity of Charlotte’s style with the rigidity of the felt.

We found our common ground, what we shared in our approach to design, and we both moved towards the other. It was a very interesting experience. 

We felt stretched in our approach to the design, and found the limitations in the process were stimulating for the creative process and both were very happy with the result. 

I totally recommend the experience to any Feltmaker that might be considering it.