Helene Dooley- Viscose paper- Sunday Session March

This month we asked our valued member Helene Dooley. Helene has extensive felt making skills. She has been a member of FI since 2014. She enjoys nothing better than pushing the boundaries of her work and loves the creative freedom that working with wool fibre facilitates. Helene has frequently tutored and her work was recently featured in the international publication “Felt Matters”( IFA). She is a regular contributor to the Felting and Fibre Studio, an international collective of Felt and Fibre artists. You will find her on instagram @feltzen as well as renowned dressmaking and other craft skills She is also the joint Irish Representative for International Feltmakers Association.

“Viscose is a wonderful material to work with! It is available in a wide range of colours and is relatively inexpensive to buy. A little can go a long way! It can be used to add lustre and strength to felted wearables. It also enhances drape and discourages pilling in the fabric. I use viscose paper when I am seeking to achieve a more defined effect on my felted pieces. My video will take you through the four steps I use to make viscose paper. It is quick and very easy to do, so I hope you will check out my video and give it a go”.Helene

Helene Dooley, feltzen, working with viscose

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