GANS MEETING- report update

Hi Folks

Breda Fay here reporting on February GANS Meeting ( Wednesday 17th Feb, via Zoom). I’ve decided that I will do a short report rather than linking you to DCCI page. You can always follow DCCI web page for more info.

Meeting started with condolences being offered on death of David Shaw Smith – not sure how many of you are as old as I am … but I remember his series of programmes on Telly about crafts in Ireland and actually bought the book HANDS which was published about the series. His work was certainly a catalyst in protecting as well encouraging the native crafts of Ireland. If any of you have memories of it, Hillary would love you to pen a few lines.

Congratulations to all the guilds who are participating in “Getting Creative during Covid” Mental Health projects – Feltmakers Ireland are one of the guilds who have received funding for a project “Keep Well and Felt with Us” being organized by Niki Collier (in conjunction with Caoilfionn Murphy O’Hanlon and Liadain de Buitleir). You’ve probably seen it advertised and interest has been amazing …. So much so that instead of a session with each of the feltmakers … there will now be three with each. Good luck Niki. I got my pack today!

There were a number of presentations which all emphasized that despite all the difficulties of isolation, it is really important for each guild to maintain our presence. Many are doing projects which encourage members to work at home with a particular focus…. maybe putting all the pieces together to form one collaborative piece, some are organizing online exhibitions….. Presentations this morning:

  • Showcase Ireland’s first virtual event
  • The Glass Society of Ireland on it newly published book (only 5 left)
  • The Irish Guild of Embroiderers on their recently published (and still available) book “Twenty Twenty”. The cover design is by Colleen Prenderville (known to many of us) 
  • Borris Lace Group’s partnership with South Armagh Lace Collective in “Laces Across the Borders”

Some things you might be interested in:

  1. The Quilters Guild of Ireland are looking for 10 inch submissions from members/non-members on the theme HOME for quilts (they’re planning 10) which will be sold/auctioned to support women’s shelters (
  2. DCCI are going to make a callout for COLLARS for an online exhibition – watch this space!
  3. Society of Cork Potters are calling out for items themed “ON HOME GROUND” for an exhibition which will be run in conjunctions with  A Taste of West Cork in September (
  4. Any members down around the Cork area, watch out for Bench Space, an organisation that is making an equipped workshop available for crafts people. Currently it has mainly woodworking tools but hope soon to have equipment for textile, iron, glass work


I think it is really important that there be a FELTMAKING presence in the August Craft Month Project. Let’s use it as a way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of DCCI AND we might be in the park again by then! Think small but maybe collaboratively??? Get back to me with ideas and offers of help!!!

I’m really missing our Sunday Sessions. Have done a few online courses – see previous blog of recommendations by Annika. It was great to see so many participating in Feltmakers Ireland first online course with Gabi McGrath – hugely successful, nationally and internationally. I’m not sure if there are spaces on Niki’s course. You might have some ideas for online activities or courses????? Let us know

Also keep in mind our draw for paid up members which will take place beginning of March.

Cheers for now – Breda