AGM collaborative art


AGM this year will take place on 17th May in Lucan.

Last year our collaborative art project was so well supported and has helped so much I the decorating of the studio- the exhibition space and the Knit and Stitch stand that we are hoping to try something similar again!

In Sept – Sept 13th to be exact we will be taking part in a biodiversity event in the Phoenix park. We want to felt bomb a tree- with a twist… Lets make Bees & Birds and all things biodiverse…. Endangered insects and native flowers… in felt.

We would like these pieces to be large- perhaps 30cm to be seen from  afar and work in a hanging or pinning way. If you feel like a challenge, help us to BRING A BUZZ back to the park!

birds and bees REQUEST

We are asking you to get making- and bring them along to the AGM in May…. of course we have more time as the Biodiversity day will be in Sept…. but it was so beautiful and encouraging for everyone to see the indivdual pieces of felt work last year at our AGm- that we are hoping of you will bring your creepie crawlies already in MAY and motivate your fellow felters to join the FUN!biodiversity day 13th sept