Review and Resolutions

As we end 2019 and look forward to the New Year and indeed the new decade we often look back at our achievements of the past or sometimes our regrets. It is that time of year, when traditionally we make New years resolutions and plan to turn over new leaves.

Of course, we all know deep down that if it’s worth doing, it’s probably worth doing today, rather than waiting until January 1st!

I’m not actually one for New Year Resolutions, I’ve never managed to keep any and I feel it puts too much pressure on myself- which is one resolution I would like to keep ( less pressure). It is almost like, I’m planning to fail!

However, I am one for habit and do believe firmly that “it’s what you do, not what you say you will do” that makes who you are. Habits can start in a very small way… For example, you don’t need to think 100 days ahead, and feel the pressure of say “100 days of walking”. You could simply choose to walk today. Tomorrow, repeat the same. Do and repeat.

At the end of this Crafting year I’m posting the “Motivation Mondays” of 2019… which many of you will know from our Facebook Page. Some of these quotes will resonate with you and some you will disagree with. Perhaps you have a favourite or a quote you simply “don’t get”. I do hope however that of the 52 there will be something that you can respond too. Perhaps there is saying that motivates you and something that reminds you to be true to who you are.

The future is full of possibilities and it starts today. Have a good one.