Have you felt my fleece?

So this year we have had the Sloth and the ubiquitous Unicorn on seemingly every piece of kids clothing, decoration and even in the shape of doughnuts and milkshakes!

Summer 2018 brought us the flamingo, a happy go lucky fellow but fleeting as the Irish summer… Now here comes the Llama as the trendiest animal of the year!

If you have kids who play “fortnight” on xbox or playstation you may over hear them referring to the fellow- as one of the quests is to search for the purple llamas, to claim a high score.

Slogans have begun appearing everywhere- don’t be a drama llama, what’s your prob llama?  And this cute and cuddly if a little ugly beast is having a “moment” in fashion.

What has all this got to do with the price of wool? Well… exactly that- Llama wool can be used in felting… and its smaller eared cousin is the Alpaca!

Alpaca V Llama

I overheard Gladys Paulus at the March- Seed Pod Workshop- say that Alpaca was one of her favourite fibres. I’ve since bought some on world of wool- alpaca

I see that world of wool also have baby llama fibre world of wool -llama I would love to hear your experiences. How do they compare? In wet and needle felt.

The drama Llama definitely has my vote as the trendiest animal of 2018; Why? Its simple- have you ever tried to felt with the fleece of unicorn!


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