Exciting Exhibition Plans


Kaleidoscope – ­The changing shape of felt

4th – 25 th August 2016

Feltmakers Ireland is inviting all members to participate in its exhibition at the National Botanic Gardens. Handmade felt can take many shapes and forms. This exhibition is hoping to showcase how felt adapts to changing techniques and technologies. In this process our natural world provides constant inspiration. The exhibition is open to entries from all current members of Feltmakers Ireland

What are the conditions of entry?

1 The work must explicitly reflect the maker’s response to the natural world.

2 The work must be original and predominantly made using the technique of felt; every hand­made

felting technique is accepted.

3 Other textile techniques (as well as non­textile media) may be included, though hand­made felting

techniques have to prevail.

4 The work must be personally hand­made and after January 2015.

5 Work done during courses or under the guidance of teachers is not allowed.

6 The exhibition will be mounted in the gallery of the Information Centre in the Botanic Gardens.

7 Each entrant may submit up to three pieces of work.

8 All entries must be submitted in suitable packaging for safe return. The cost of returning the work is the responsibility of each maker.

9 All entries must be clearly labeled and have detailed hanging instructions. Two­ dimensional works intended for wall hanging must have hanging devices attached. Work intended for freestanding display must be supplied with any rods or devices necessary for its display. Makers should include a photo or drawings to show how the piece should be displayed.

10 No glass will be accepted and Feltmakers Ireland does not take responsibility for any damage to the entries during the transportation or installation of work.

11 The exhibition will be invigilated by members of Feltmakers Ireland and all successful entrants are asked to invigilate for at least half a day over the duration of the exhibition.

 How will the work be selected?

There will be a panel of three judges, one from Feltmakers Ireland and two external judges, who will select the work to be included. The selection will be based on three criteria:

­ quality of work

­ interpretation of the theme

­ innovation in feltmaking design

What is the time scale?


The exhibition will take place from 4th – 25th August 2016. Photographs of entries to be submitted by 17th June 2016, and those that get selected from that round must be sent for final selection by 8th July.


Fees – there is a participation fee of €20 for a single piece, €30 for two pieces and €40 for three. Make cheques or postal orders out to Feltmakers Ireland or you can pay online by transfer – see application form for details. Application forms are available here: Kaleidoscope Application Form 2016


Insurance – Feltmakers Ireland carry public liability Insurance and will do everything possible to make sure the work is safe however It is the maker’s responsibility to insure his/her works independently. The exhibition is being held in a very secure environment and the exhibition will be invigilated at all times

Catalogue and publications – Feltmakers Ireland will be publishing a catalogue to accompany the exhibition

Sale of Work – the work will not be for sale during the exhibition, however details ofprices will be available and interested purchasers will be encouraged to contact the maker directly. There will be no commission taken by Feltmakers Ireland




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