Sunday Session

The Autumn edition of our Magazine will be landing in your letterbox in the next day or two with lots of information about forthcoming events. The Magazine is posted four times per year to all our current members.

Our next Sunday Session will be on October 9th 10.30-13.00 when we will be looking at some of our felt disasters and sharing tips and advise about how and why things don’t always go according to plan. We do have a great motto that there is no such thing as a felt “mistake” as they can almost always be turned into a “feature”. However there are times when the project you have planned so carefully can go desperately wrong. Please bring along your disasters and there will be a panel of felt agony aunts to help solve your problem. The session takes place in the Feltmakers Studio in the Phoenix Park. From the 3rd Oct there are major road works taking place on the Main Road in the Phoenix Park, the Gate beside our studio at Knockmaroon is unaffected.

Mette Roche's work in Sculpture in Context



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