Busy Times

There is a lot of felt activity going on about the place at the moment. Yesterday (18th) there was a large group of enthuastic feltmakes attend the Drop In session in the Fabric Gallery in Bray. The three hours just flew by and everyone made finger puppets- which was just a scaled down way to learn how to add spikes (tails) and flaps (ears) to a hollow form piece of felt – et voila a mouse! The Drop In day tomorrow (20th) in Blanchardstown with explore the same theme. Drop In Day in Bray

We have our annual Basic & Beyond workshop next Saturday and it is now booked out with 36 eager participants and 3 eager tutors. So we are all busy making goody bags, gathering pieces for the display table and putting all the finishing touches to making this the best day possible for all who attend.

The Dutch felt makers Lyda Rump is coming to Ireland and there are two workshops being held in Carlow, this is a great opportunity and you can find more details on  our “Other Felt Workshops” page.


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