Calling all young felters

“If you are a student (age 11-18) you can Stitch n’ Win!
Design and create a sampler which depicts your local area using textile art
techniques. You may include any combination of hand / machine embroidery,
texturing, felting, weaving or textile painting in your entry design”.

A new textile competition for second level students has just been launched. St. Angela’s College in Sligo in association with the International Federation of Home Economics intend to run four separate Textiles and Design Competitions for Home Economics students nationally. The competitions are aimed at Junior Cycle students, Senior Cycle students and St. Angela’s College students. We are organising a competition for Junior Cycle and Senior Cycle Home Economics students, Textiles, Fashion and Design students at St. Angela’s College and a Textile Art competition for young embroiderers between the ages of 11 and 18 years.

If you have any queries, please call Kathryn Mc Sweeney at 071-9135668, e-mail In anticipation of your response,


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